Are you poised for progress?

Are you poised for progress?

The pace of change is accelerating. Your leadership needs to keep up. Are you ready for future challenges? Download my white paper to:

  • Recognise the root cause of leadership development ineffectiveness
  • Understand how to address what's missing from your leadership development strategy
  • Discover a new approach that industry experts claim is "the disruption leadership development needs"
  • Recognise the root cause of leadership development ineffectiveness
  • Understand how to address what's missing from your leadership development strategy
  • Discover a new approach that industry experts claim is "the disruption leadership development needs"
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Are you equipped to embrace the opportunity of change?

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Do you lead with agility, inclusivity and purpose?

Are you developing confident, inclusive, purposeful leadership? If so, are your efforts reaping the rewards you seek?

If not, consider that your leadership development efforts may not being doing enough to draw out qualities like confidence, inclusivity and purpose, key leadership qualities that the future is demanding.

Consider the statistics.

  • 50 to 70 per cent of all people fail within the first 18 months of taking up a leadership position. This statistic has remained the same for DECADES.
  • According to a survey, nearly a third (32 per cent) of all respondents described their boss as "HORRIBLE."
  • Nearly 60 per cent of companies face leadership talent shortages which impede performance
  • The loss of one talented colleague costs an organisation up to two times their yearly salary to replace.
  • Roughly 70 per cent of colleagues exist in a state of disengagement at work.

It's interesting that, upon my return to the corporate sector after several years working in healthcare as a psychotherapist and coach, the industry is still facing the same issues it faced when I left. Poor management, low employee engagement, bullying, discrimination, low representation of women and minorities in senior positions -- this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In certain industries, the situation has gotten worse!

What the heck is going on??

As technology advances, new ways of delivering training develops, too. Online training is a booming business, and it's incredibly useful for scaling the learning process, enabling you to reach as many as possible with the message you're wishing to send.

In the process, many companies are using it as a tick-box exercise. It's a case of appeasing the powers-that-be that something is actually being done about the issues you face.

So, why has it failed to make a dent in the quality of leadership?

The truth is, studies show that training in areas like diversity and inclusion makes the problem WORSE!

Are you guilty of ticking boxes? Would you like to do things differently?

You might be thinking, "Investing in the training I really need will cost an arm and a leg. I can't afford it."

I would argue that it's already costing you, and it's costing you much more than just money. Consider that most people leave bosses, not companies. Are you one of those bosses? What impact does that have on the perception of your personal brand in the recruitment marketplace? Is this a contributing factor to the high costs of replacing talented colleagues? Do people actually want to work for you?

Here's how you could see it. It's not a case of "how much" you invest in leadership development in the short term, but rather "how" you invest in your leadership development over the long term that will produce the brilliant leadership you want from yourself and your company stakeholders demand.

What if there was a way for you to invest in your leadership upfront and reap the rewards well into the future?

Discover the missing link in your leadership development strategy.

The old ways of training leaders are just that - old. They are so last century! If you haven't given your approach to leadership development a 21st Century makeover, it's stuck in the past, too.

There is too much risk in not taking the risk to try something different. Stay stuck and you may have to face worse challenges than the ones I've mentioned above - business obsolescence.

I understand that sometimes it's hard to consider the future when there's so much to tackle now. As a coach, I can tell you that living into a bright future makes the present seem much more exciting and meaningful. It ignites what you do today with a passion that's fuelled by a compelling vision of what's to come.

So consider what your career would be like if you operated with a high degree of confidence, competence and conviction as a leader.

It would be brilliant, wouldn't it?

There is a way to cultivate brilliant leaders of the future.

It is entirely possible for you to invest in leadership development that identifies and meets the particular leadership challenges you face right now.

However, I believe that what you should be demanding from your leadership development is the kind of learning that enables you to find, for yourself, the confidence, inclusivity and purpose required to light up your career, inspire your colleagues and contribute to a bright company culture now and in the future.

Consider what it would be like for you if, as a leader, you:

  • Bring integrity to the way you manage time, money and people
  • Operate with high degrees of personal accountability
  • Cultivate mature, inclusive and collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders and colleagues
  • Assume responsibility for your contribution to organisational success
  • Align personal, professional and company purpose, vision, mission and values
  • Drive initiatives for organisational agility and expansion

How would you benefit by being a leader with those characteristics? Consider the following possibilities:

  • You'd stand out as a beacon of light, a leader in your field.
  • You'd attract and retain the most talented people in the industry to work with you.
  • You'd create a culture that inspires people to excellence.
  • You'd attract customers and partners who share your commitments.
  • You'd generate a happy, healthy, successful and profitable working environment.

In short, you would be blazing a trail to brilliance, wouldn't you?

This sort of company culture is not just a pipe dream. It is entirely possible. However, it will require you to adopt a different approach to developing yourself as a leader.

The trick is this - to begin the cultivation process from the ground up by investing in yourself as soon as possible in your leadership journey.

Do you want to be a dynamo - or a dinosaur?

You know, I read article after article moaning that the "Millennials" are a problem for organisations. I always feel uncomfortable reading the merciless attacks on the younger generation, seeing it as extremely short-sighted.

In fact, I think Millennials are annoying because they are highlighting what doesn't work about business environments and, quite frankly, what hasn't worked for a long time. The "Millennial problem" is actually a huge opportunity.

It's all about mindset, and whatever your age, you can adopt a Millennial approach to business. It is your way of future-proofing your career and business.

Otherwise, you risk extinction.

Poised for Progress: Cultivating Agile, Inclusive, Purpose-Driven Leadership

Being a leader of the future will require you to approach leadership development in a whole new way.

You can start that process by clicking the button below and registering to receive my white paper entitled Poised for Progress: Cultivating Confident, Inclusive, Purposeful Leadership.

In this white paper, I share with you:

  • The root causes of ineffective leadership development

  • The ways coaching solves these inadequacies

  • The methodology for The Brilliance™ Accelerator, my new leadership development coaching programme

The Brilliance™ Accelerator

I have shared my approach and the outcomes of The Brilliance™ Accelerator programme with several experts in leadership development training, most of whom were astonished by the results I achieve with the participants. One American expert said, "Wow, no one is doing this, and this is exactly the sort of disruption the industry needs."

The advantage is that my approach to creating this programme has not been restricted by traditional leadership development approaches. Instead, I've drawn upon many years of working with people in therapeutic and coaching capacities to develop and deliver a programme that cuts to the chase in leadership development.

The benefit to you is this: you will undergo a powerful, transformative experience that will clear the space for your leadership brilliance to emerge from the core of your being. This is not a fake-it-til-you-make-it approach. This is leadership coaching that results in you developing genuine, deep, enduring leadership qualities that become part of who you are as a human being.

Interested yet? I hope so!

My invitation to you is this: be a Brilliance™ Trailblazer yourself by committing to cultivating leadership brilliance in your organisation. Start today by downloading my eBook. Make sure you stay in the conversation, as I will be sharing opportunities, tips and perspectives with you on a regular.

I would love to be your partner in cultivating a solid foundation for leadership brilliance that will carry you into a bright future. Get started by registering to receive your eBook now. Let's create a brilliant future - together.

Lori West
The Brilliance™ Trailblazer
Leadership for the New Millennium

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Are you poised for progress?

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Do you lead with agility, inclusivity and purpose?

If the answer to the question is no, your leadership development needs a boost!

Register here to receive your copy of my eBook, Poised for Progress, which illustrates what's necessary to cultivate a leadership foundation that will carry you and your career successfully into the 21st century.

The Brilliance™ Trailblazer: Leadership for the New Millennium

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Are you prepared to embrace change?

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